A Brand New Episode

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Do I have ‘That’ in me?

Note: This is not a book review, but an indirect thank you note to the author. Also for those who want to read the book, this post may contain some spoilers.

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Its all about the Journey….!!!

It’s not very often that I get to ride a bike, something that I am not very good at but love doing. I have probably ridden the bike 5 times in my life. So when I got an opportunity to ride one during my recent trip to Mackinac Island, though I wasn’t sure if I would be able to complete 8 miles on it, I decided to enjoy it completely.

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Not Alone! No more!

I spend most part of my day, home alone. I like being by myself most of the time. I like to give myself that quiet time and let my brain work the way it wants to. I like to sit by the window and watch people on the road. I like to work on things without any deadline. Sometimes I am more effective that way. I like the way my creative horses run wild in search of something new to do that day. I don’t mind it when I don’t get to talk to any other soul other than Ganesh on any given day. I draw my energy from within and I am quite content with that.

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I went to bed on Sunday, thinking that I was going to wake up to another boring Monday morning to start the week. Little did I know that it was going to be a wonderful day.


I woke up to the sound of the alarm. The alarm is usually very patient with me. I always get few extra minutes of sleep after snoozing. I love that part of sleeping. The alarm goes off again. And the alarm wakes me up with a hot cup of tasty tea.  Yesterday, like every other day, the alarm clock sat beside me and was cajoling me to wake up. With the sunlight streaming in, it seemed like a wonderful morning to wake up to. Oh, did I mention that the patient alarm clock giving me such wonderful mornings is my husband?

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Less Intelligent: Really? Says who?

Ofcourse. It’s an undeniable truth!

We can take pride in being THE most intelligent species that exist. Humans will rule the world for ages to come. We do several things that only humans can do. (No, I wont mention the decline in intelligence and common sense in humans these days! That’s a different debate.)

But that does not undermine the intelligence of animals. I’ve been completely blown away by many stories of animal intelligence. Sometimes, to a large extent, these facts definitely question human intelligence.

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