A Brand New Episode

Random thoughts! With some sense!

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Read this in a fellow-blogger’s site. Loved the explanation!



My Choice: For myself and the next seven generations!

In the unbelievably large animal kingdom, humans have just a tiny share. One among the thousands of species of mammals. But by any stretch of imagination we are a very unusual, complicated and powerful kind in the animal kingdom.  We speak, think, create, solve, write and do much more that differentiates us as superior species. It is amazing the way we’ve have evolved to make things better for ourselves and those around us. We go beyond the impossible and sometimes think of ourselves as demigods.

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A brand new episode!

A brand new start!

I am excited!

I’ve written a little in the past. But that was for myself, when I wanted to make myself feel better and to express my emotions. I have tried to post few as blogs, but was never sure if I wanted to do it. Even now I am not sure what I want to write in this first post.

I was talking to my best friend today and she told me something with conviction. ‘Its just once that we get to live our life. One is solely responsible for one’s own happiness. And it doesn’t really matter what random people think of you’. Isn’t that so true?

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