A Brand New Episode

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Not just any other post!

We just wrapped up the earth month in April.

But we have 12 long months in a year. Why should only April have the privilege of being the Earth month?

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Adoption: A day of new beginning!

It was a cold Saturday morning. Not the way a day in spring should be. The new shoots of burgundy leaves on the trees, ready to bloom, were still hesitating with the heavy chillness in the air. The birds were confused if they had made the right decision in recognizing the arrival of the spring. They say that the weather has been very weird and unpredictable this year. It is hard to ignore these extreme climate changes.

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My Choice: For myself and the next seven generations!

In the unbelievably large animal kingdom, humans have just a tiny share. One among the thousands of species of mammals. But by any stretch of imagination we are a very unusual, complicated and powerful kind in the animal kingdom.  We speak, think, create, solve, write and do much more that differentiates us as superior species. It is amazing the way we’ve have evolved to make things better for ourselves and those around us. We go beyond the impossible and sometimes think of ourselves as demigods.

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