A Brand New Episode

Random thoughts! With some sense!


Thank you for visiting my page!!

Hi. I’m Madhumitha. I am 28 years old and live in ‘Pure’ Michigan.
I’d like to think of myself as an affectionate, ambitious, artistic, charismatic, creative, courageous… phew…too many words in the adjective list that I am referring too. Obviously I am not too good at picking the right word. Am I?

Ok, let me be simple with the words. I am a dreamer by the day and of course a dreamer by the night too :). Several times, I’ve secretly wished for a genie to jump out of the magic lamp and tell me “At your service”. Hmmmm… Dreams…..

Apart from the dreaming, I like to do ‘this’ sometimes and I like to do ‘that’ sometimes and I like to do ‘those’ the other times. I have a creative speck in me and I like to explore artistic stuff. Even if its something to read or something to get my hands dirty with. I like to try new things. Not a person to be tied down with a routine day. And of course I’ve started enjoying writing. I like to cook and I have a sweet tooth. Well, I do add several calories everyday :).

While I do this and that, I’d like to add some sense to my dreams, some meaning to my passions. And this blog is just a step towards that. I hope life lets me uncover and record beautiful things everyday!

Thanks once again and looking forward to spend more time with you!!


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