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Paying it forward…


I did write about a disturbing incident last week. Now I think it’s just fair that I take some time to write about one of the sweetest responses to it.

I spent my first thanksgiving in the US with a very sweet American couple. They took a lot of effort to make me feel welcomed at their place. Every time we speak to them, they never forget to mention that we are like family. This time they reinforced it by sending us a beautiful card, after reading my earlier post.

It was a special Monet painting card with a comforting handwritten note. They did, once again, mention that we are family and signed it off with an Irish blessing. Here’s proof of wonderful people, making this world a better place to live in.

Thank you Carol and Jim. This card is very precious and means a lot to us. It would forever remind us to treat people equally and respectfully. We would strive to pass on this comfort to the others and that is how we would be paying it forward.



4 thoughts on “Paying it forward…

  1. Awww…that is so sweet ❤

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