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Is it the most important job??


Recently I got in touch with my group of girlfriends from college after a gap of few years. Some of them have embraced motherhood and are proud mothers of happy children. Inevitably, 1 out of every 5 sentences they talk is about children and the related. I am not a mother yet, but I can relate to motherhood because of my wonderful nieces and nephews. Despite not being able to give much to the topics of being a mother, I find these conversations very enjoyable. So when a friend shared this article ‘ Sorry, but being the mother is not the most important job in the world’, it got me thinking. I wanted to stand clear on my thoughts about motherhood before I embrace it in future.

While this article can be very thought-provoking, in my opinion, it is can only be read as a one-sided article. I have seen my mother, the mother in my sister, the mother in my cousins and the mother in my close friends. While motherhood can be extremely overwhelming, I am sure that a part of all these mothers would disagree to what is said in this article.

Being a mother is not just about giving birth to a child, something that only a woman is entitled to or taking care of a child, something that a woman and a man can do. But it something more than all of this combined. Of course 16 hours a day in a cloth factory in Bangladesh, making bricks in an Indian kiln or being a Chinese miner is a very tough job. As tough as any other job. But being a mother is not just about stitching a dress or baking a brick or being a miner. It’s that one shot she has to make her child the best human being on earth. It is that one shot she has to shape her child’s life in the best possible way. It is that one shot that she has to be the role model and hero to her child.

Praising motherhood does not undermine the other relationships. Treating motherhood as the most important job in the world can only strengthen the ties that a child can have with the father, grandfather, teachers and friends. After all, how can a mother explain the importance of other family ties without creating a strong bond with her own child? And despite changing opinions and generations, isn’t it still true that every mother does something more unconditional that a grandmother, grandfather, husband, wife, teacher or a friend cannot do. It is not about being a mother in comparison to other relationships. It is about being the best mother a child can have.

Explaining the importance of motherhood can neither undermine the need for a woman to work and advance in her career. While both the phases of a woman’s life tend to overlap, both the roles are exclusive and independent of each other. It is up to the woman to prioritize what she wants in a particular phase of life. It would be foolish to say that victory in one role would mean failure in the other. After all, a child is happier when a mother considers her job to be the most important job in the world.

Oh, did I miss the perspective of a single dad or gay parents or other dads in general? It is best to leave it to the dads to explain their thoughts about being a father and in some cases even being the mother. Blessed is the child if the father too considers his job to be the most important one in the world. And of course he is entitled to that thought. After all, when it comes to the child, there can be no war between motherhood and fatherhood!!!


3 thoughts on “Is it the most important job??

  1. beautifully written Madhu……love the topic u have taken…..truly being a mother is not an easy and insignificant job….yes, it is but of course, a job….whoever and from whatever said it…

  2. A mother’s biological clock ticks 24/7. No matter how tired she is, she can still wake up at any time of the night when the child makes a noise or in discomfort. This happens naturally to any mother on the planet which includes animals as well. Of course not all woman can be a perfect mother but the so called “good enough” mother can be like that. This is one of the advantages a mother has than anyone else and you can go on an on about the beauty of motherhood. I am only saying this with six months of experience as a fulltime father (sometimes men can put their career on hold too). And yes not just one out of 5 conversations, its probably everything we talk or do in social life is associated with kids after becoming a parent. It is because their whole life revolves around kids, which is a good and bad thing. Yeah being a mother is the most important job. Mum knows the best 🙂 Good one madhu 🙂

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