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An adventure like none….


It was the wee hours of the morning. It was dark and cold. I was driving through the lone road and looking out for deer jumping across the road to the other side. I was careful not to drive too fast. Yet a little one jumped out of nowhere and fell right in front of the car. I was scared. I was not sure if I had to hit the fawn or risk veering into the gutter nearby. My worst nightmare had come true that morning.

I sat stunned at the wheel, sweating profusely. He shook me violently and kept calling my name over and over again. I had to do something. I jolted myself to reality. And then I found myself in bed, comfortably tucked in the warm covers. Huh? What? Was it a dream? Maybe it was, I told myself.

But wait. I could still hear him calling my name. I was completely awake now. Ganesh was sitting on the bed, anxiously looking at the door. Yes, it was the wee hours of the morning. Yes, it was dark and cold. And yes, he was indeed calling my name. He whispered in my ears, ‘What’s that faint light in the living room? Did you turn it off last night before going to bed? I just heard a click.’

Of-course I had turned it off last night. I was sure about that. But I was not sure if I had locked the front door. Well, this is not the first time that I was not sure. I have done this a few times before. I’ve joked that on a cold morning, both of us are going to wake up to a find stranger sleeping in our living room. I was quite sure that today was that day. And yes, my worst nightmare had come true that morning.

We silently crawled out of bed. We crept stealthily like cats in the hallway. He moved slowly but steadily into the living room. I was peeping from behind the wall; ready to grab anything I got my hands on and throw it on the stranger. ‘Stranger, you don’t stand a chance against me’, thought the determined me.

But there was no sleeping stranger on the couch. He slowly looked into the kitchen. No one in there. How could that be? I went looking through the other door of the kitchen. I was sharpening my brains for a thorough investigation. Aha!!! That’s when he remembered. The light in the living room had a loose switch and was acting weirdly the whole day yesterday. It must have turned itself on sometime last night.

Both of us felt silly and funny. We laughed it off and went to bed with a smile on our faces for a couple more hours of peaceful sleep. Now I know that my worst nightmare had not come true. Phew!! What an adventure!!


8 thoughts on “An adventure like none….

  1. Madhu never knew u were such a trained member of the ” not sure” league

  2. Lovely Madhu…. well join the club…. 🙂

  3. I would be shit scared if this were to ever happen to me…I think I would instead just lock my bedroom door from the inside and stay in till proper morning, than step out n check by myself!

  4. Got me worried at the end of second paragraph! Glad it wasn’t what I thought it could be. Good one madhu.
    p.s: In the future if that nightmare comes true, you don’t need to grab anything to scare the stranger madhu hehehe 🙂

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