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Too Long…….!!!!


It has been a while since I wrote anything on my blog. I was waiting for that significant incident to write about. But guess I was just being too lazy to reflect on anything at all. So yesterday something very significant happened, giving me a hard knock on the head and reminding me to be thankful for a lot of things in life.

It is not very often that we get to meet people who inspire us with their lives. Sometimes an incident could strike a chord. Sometimes the person’s behavior could leave a mark. Sometimes it could be the person itself. But many a time it’s the person’s life that touches others lives. When that happens, we have to make an effort to acknowledge it and learn from it.

So yesterday I met this person. His name is… let’s call him K. He is a good-looking, average-build, regular guy. I assumed that he was in his early twenties. When we were introduced, I felt like I had already known him for a very long time, because he looked like the twin brother of a very close family member. So that is the level of closeness with which we started interacting. Though I am tempted to tell the whole story, I will have to refrain myself from revealing too many details about another individual’s life.

He began the conversation by telling me about himself. He said that he is 32 and works as a caregiver. That came as a surprise because he looked a lot younger than he is. Anyway, good so far. He told me about his family and what he does for a living. Good so far. Then he told me that he has completed high school and after so many years he wants to go back to school and study a field that he really likes. Hmm… that’s interesting I thought. But I wondered what stopped him from studying earlier, when he had a comfortable environment and a good family. That’s when he revealed the story of his life.

K was suffering from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for most part of his life and it was identified at a very high scale. While we know it as a condition that can affect people, not many would know how disruptive it could be to one’s life. Well, he did not look like one, he did not sound like one and of course he did not behave like a person that had a severe form of OCD. He was sitting there in front of me, talking to me in a very reasonable manner and as normal as any other person. Yet he was telling me that he was used to spending almost the entire day in OCD activities. Was he really the man who had a severe form of OCD? If he had this condition for most part of life, affecting his school or as a matter of fact any basic activity in life, how did he turn out to be such a normal person after so many years? Some of the incidents he told me definitely left me speechless.

Finally K told me that the two most important achievements in his life, and I love this one, were conquering OCD and losing a lotttt of weight. Did I tell that he was an average-build guy? He spoke about all the misconceptions people had about him and how he had to fight all the odds to actually get out of it. To me he looked like the most intelligent person I’ve met. When I asked him how he made it through all these difficult years and possible, he tells me a profound philosophy  in few simple words. “I’ve learnt it the hard way to put awkward, embarrassing situations behind me and move forward all the time”. Well, I definitely understood that what he had to leave behind was way more than just awkward and embarrassing situations.

After I came home, this incident got me thinking. I could not take K off my mind and I wished for a lot of things in life. I wish I were even half as brave as K. I wish I had his fighter spirit. And more than anything, I wish I had his attitude in life. I knew instantly that life would be a lot more peaceful and satisfying. God works in mysterious ways. While K had his spirit of survival, he did mention that he has an excellent family and therapist who helped him come out of his shell. I always firmly believe in one thing. If the family is excellent, the child is blessed. But if it’s a special child, the family is blessed because God personally chose that particular family to look after the child and always has his eyes on them.

I don’t know what to thank God for. Should I thank him for helping K get on his feet or should I thank him for giving me everything so far to lead a normal life? I am not sure. But I am sure I want him to know that I am really thankful for giving me the heart to pray for and be happy for K. I want him to know that I am thankful for showing me people who really believe in fighting for something meaningful in life and inspiring others.

I don’t know if I will ever meet K again. I hope I do someday, at a much better phase of his life. But I know that its going to take a long long long time for him fade away from my memories. Too long…


2 thoughts on “Too Long…….!!!!

  1. “If its a special child, the family is blessed” – Love that part of the story. Not many of us think that way, you are clever and kind madhu. Its been a very long time I have read your blog. Nice to read them again. 🙂 keep writing 🙂

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