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Not Alone! No more!


I spend most part of my day, home alone. I like being by myself most of the time. I like to give myself that quiet time and let my brain work the way it wants to. I like to sit by the window and watch people on the road. I like to work on things without any deadline. Sometimes I am more effective that way. I like the way my creative horses run wild in search of something new to do that day. I don’t mind it when I don’t get to talk to any other soul other than Ganesh on any given day. I draw my energy from within and I am quite content with that.

But sometimes, on rare occasions, being alone can completely drain me out. And call it Murphy’s Law, I wont find anything to do or anywhere to go that day. Believe me it can be very depressing. One such day went by and I sat down, doing nothing but thinking random stuff. That is when I realized that no matter what happened, no matter how highly I thought about myself, right from the moment I set foot here at my place, I’ve never been alone. Ever!!

Meet my faithful companions. Silently, they have made sure that I am ok every single day.

The Beauties!

They were here to welcome me on my first day. So they know me more than any one else. I don’t know if there can be something more beautiful that these Orchids. One a white, cold, gloomy day nothing is more pleasing to the eye than these beauties!



They are as beautiful as their name. I got them as a gift. I thought their settling in was smooth. But I was wrong. Soon after they arrived, one day they threatened to leave me for good. They were drooping and wilting and quite literally dying. After some TLC and some candid conversations, they decided to stay and give me joy.


The Selfish one!

Well, Mr. Jade is on his own. It doesn’t matter to him where he is placed. It doesn’t matter to him if he has visitors. All that matters to him is how much water he is gets. The more water he gets, the more he grows. He might be a loner, but I love him deeply. They say close friends have deep conversations even when they are silent. I should then say that he is my closest friend.


The Red Bloom!

Oh, she is the sweetest I’ve ever seen! And not to forget that she is the most faithful of my companions. Always ready to bring a smile on my face. She also came as a gift. But I guess she knew that it was the right place. She settled in comfortably and made this her home. I just can’t fathom how she knows me so well. The day I think about a big red flower, she has one ready. Just for me. Thanks for being there for me, Miss. Hibiscus.

hibis   hibis1


He looked like a humble man in the beginning. Days went by and I still didn’t understand him well enough. Appearances can be deceptive. Come sunshine and that’s when I realized its true nature. He is very aggressive. Now all he does is twist and turn and stretch out towards sunlight.


Big Brothers!

They have a name, Dracena. But we call them Big Brothers! Wise and complete. They usually don’t speak much but have a strong hold over all of us. They have a towering presence and are in command when they are in the same room as us. They add a lot of character wherever they are. At the moment, they are in the balcony, sunbathing and green-tanning.


The Shrew!

The Big Sister and the scary one! She is huge and ill-tempered. She keeps her distance with all at home. She is on her own and prefers it that way. We exchange hi-s and hello-s now and then. Though our conversations are few, I know Yucca is there, forever, ready to tell me that life can be tough at times but always worth it.


 Mas Joven!

Well, that means ‘Youngest Child’ in Spanish. He is the gentle one and under my tutelage. He needs my attention every single day. He becomes sad and droopy if he doesn’t get the care he wants. I get that and make it a point to meet him everyday. It’s fun watching him grow. Now he is the one who needs care, but I am sure that one day, when he grows up, he will make a good companion.


There are a few other dear friends at home who said they needed their privacy. I decided to honor that request and not mention them in the post. But I’d like to thank them as well for being there for me whenever I needed them.

They are always there to remind me that I am not alone! No more!


13 thoughts on “Not Alone! No more!

  1. Awesome personification!!!!

  2. with out realising i feel complete when i read your blog , so easy to relate and feel. you have an extra oridinary talent of bringing out whats there in your inner sole , you are gifted and keep enlightening people like me who want to write !

  3. i meant inner soul 🙂 i was so engrossed that i made so many mistakes in my comment 🙂 Would love to read more of your blogs .

    • Thanks a lot Nithiya!:)
      Glad you like my blog. Writing has definitely become a wonderful stress buster and it is even better when friends like you enjoy it. 🙂

  4. hahaha like the privacy part of the blog. Funny and creative madhu. well done!!!!!

  5. Good one Madu 🙂 I likd Mr.Jade more than others 🙂 n Convey my regards to others who needed their privacy :p

  6. They used to be my bffs….hmm……. i dont know who they been listening to when I go out…

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