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Not just any other post!


We just wrapped up the earth month in April.

But we have 12 long months in a year. Why should only April have the privilege of being the Earth month?

Well, you may think, ‘Oh no, not another post on Go-Green’. You maybe right. It may not very different from the other stuff that you read online. But what makes this post special for me is that I practice every point that I have written here and that you are reading from a fellow blogger’s first hand experience.

The simple choices we make everyday can help save our planet. After all, we have only one earth. It is special!

There are plenty of options that don’t need us to spend money. In fact some of these eco-friendly tips help us save money on a longer run and who would want some extra cash?

  1. Turn the lights on only when you think that you’ve started squinting to see better.
  2. Air-dry your clothes. Why waste all the free natural sunlight?
  3. In fact go a step further and air-dry your wet hair. Hair dryers consume a lotttttt of energy. Ok I get it. If you are late to work, just stick you head out of window (carefully though!) while driving to work. It’s a wiser choice to use the energy already burnt by driving a car.
  4. Open the windows in your house and let the fresh air in. You will save a lot on your electricity bill if you turn your air conditioner less often.
  5. Keep a lot of indoor plants. They keep the air cleaner and your house cooler with zero charge.
  6.  Use reusable tote bags, reusable towels and reduce the use of paper and plastic.
  7. Ditch the gym and power consuming exercising machines. Take a brisk walk or run in the neighborhood. Your dog would enjoy the walk too!
  8. Don’t just throw away the newspapers. Collect them and send it for recycling.
  9. Unplug appliances that you don’t use.
  10. Donate stuff that you don’t use anymore.
  11. Avoid buying polyester clothes (made from petroleum) and buy cotton or linen clothes.
  12. Say no to plastic and paper cups for coffee. Buy a reusable coffee mug. Maybe you can even personalize it with your picture.
  13. Buy organic or local produce. I agree that it is expensive in the short-term. But in the longer run, it is a healthy choice for the family and saves a lot on the possible future medical bills.
  14. Explore your neighborhood to find out recycling centers that recycle the right kind of waste
  15. Reuse much of your old stuff. You can save yourself from much of the buyer’s remorse and of course save a lot of money. Creating usable stuff from waste can give a person immense joy. After all it’s your creation!
  16. And finally don’t fall into peer pressure. Be proud of the eco-friendly choices you make. I’m sure you’ll have a good night’s sleep every single day for making the right choice.

Happy sleeping, happy saving and happy earth day. Lets celebrate everyday as the earth day.


4 thoughts on “Not just any other post!

  1. Point 11 is interesting. Never knew about the polyester fact. Most of those things you have mentioned are simple and practical. Well, I can’t wait to see your hair dried out of your car window. That would be scary madhu 😀 and good to hear that you practice what you preach 🙂

  2. Unknowingly i’ve been doing few things listed above that for a change falls under ” go green” thanks mad makes me feel good. Let me see atleast from now on if i can follow 6th one:) . Btw Gr8 – you’ve been serious abt these since HP days way to go!!!!!!

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