A Brand New Episode

Random thoughts! With some sense!



I went to bed on Sunday, thinking that I was going to wake up to another boring Monday morning to start the week. Little did I know that it was going to be a wonderful day.


I woke up to the sound of the alarm. The alarm is usually very patient with me. I always get few extra minutes of sleep after snoozing. I love that part of sleeping. The alarm goes off again. And the alarm wakes me up with a hot cup of tasty tea.  Yesterday, like every other day, the alarm clock sat beside me and was cajoling me to wake up. With the sunlight streaming in, it seemed like a wonderful morning to wake up to. Oh, did I mention that the patient alarm clock giving me such wonderful mornings is my husband?


After dropping my husband at work, I drove to the store where I do my weekly grocery shopping. I was examining the tomatoes, when someone drove by in the motorized shopping cart. She definitely looked very old and fragile. As she was picking up her bag of tomatoes, she dropped a packet of red peppers. The cover tore open and the peppers spilt on the floor. I instinctively bent down to gather it for her. She blinked at me for few seconds like I had done some bad mistake. Once it dawned on her, she gave me a bright smile and told me, ‘Bless you, little girl’. I can’t explain how happy I was seeing her smile so brightly. I also felt the blessings truly reaching me.


After an hour of doing some random work, I decided to go for my Day 1 run. I knew it was not going to happen unless I push myself to step outside. So before I think and decide against it, I quickly changed my clothes, stepped outside and locked the door. I decided to give it a small start so that I would be encouraged to do it again. I started running. It quickly became difficult to even jog. I stopped to catch my breath a dozen times; saw at least a thousand boa constrictors; choked at least a million times. I thought I was going to pass out and knew I had to reach home immediately. I ran as fast as I could and came home. Instead of passing out at my door step I was standing there, fully energized.  The blood was rushing to my head, giving me a sense of euphoria. The minute I stepped in, I knew I had overcome my fear of running.


A good friend of mine had written to me after a long time. It was a pleasant surprise to see his email. He told me that he liked my blog and that he is getting to see another dimension in me, through my posts (the nicer side I presumed!!). He also told me that I should not refer to my husband as ‘my husband’ in the posts, but by his name. Ofcourse! That is how it should be. I decided to give my terrific husband, Ganesh, his own space in the blog.


Besides my mother tongue, the only other language that I think is beautiful to listen to is Malayalam. The words have a wonderful ring to it. But yesterday, for the first time, I realized that I was in love with Spanish. I wanted to learn a new language and knew that Spanish was it. I learnt few basic words and kept saying them throughout that I managed to get Ganesh interested in it too. Words like ‘El Hombre’, ‘La Mujer’, Spanish for ‘The man’, ‘The woman’, added a beautiful flavor to my evening.


‘Mi Hombre’ decided to cook something interesting for dinner. To me that felt like a wonderful ending to the day.


I installed a new app on my phone. This app has promised to put me to sleep within 15 minutes and wake me up during that particular phase when I am very fresh. I don’t know if the app kept its promise, but I slowly drifted into sleep, listening to the music of waves hitting the rocks and woke up earlier than usual, feeling refreshed like never before.

As I am capturing the snapshots of my day in this post, I begin to understand why I woke up early today, feeling refreshed. Yesterday, what was supposed to be a regular boring Monday, gave me many reasons to feel happy. It was easy to miss those moments, but for some reason, I gave them my full attention and ended feeling happy.

Like someone said, ‘What is important in life is not the destination, but the journey and the moments we stop to smell the flowers in the path’.


6 thoughts on “Snapshots!

  1. Kudos to you for this wonderful piece of writing..straight on, honest , blunt while maintaining a consistency of thought is how i would define the ensemble.

  2. have to agree malayalam is a sweet language until i heard french :). nothing better than a nice cup of tea in the morning(especially when the partner makes it). hhaha it wasn’t the app waking u up refreshing, its the running which did the job! well done anyway, looks like you have finally started it. Good on ya madhu!!! 🙂
    P.S: well happy wife happy life. looks like he has got it. WTG ganesh 😀

  3. Wow, running n all…great going…n as always, beautifully captured! Oh, and Hiii Ganesh! Good to see u in this episode 🙂

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