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A well constructed plan!


(I just hope I am not saying this too early.) The weather is finally warming up. After many months of cold weather, it’s the much-anticipated change. My feet are itching to step out and do something interesting.

Let me think! There are many choices for me. Especially on a lovely day like today

  • I can take a walk (Yeah that’s what I would do on a normal day.)
  • I can shop spring clothes (Nah, I don’t think my husband would be very happy when he sees his credit card bill. I started my spring shopping even before the winter got over.)
  • I can go to the park and read a book (Well I don’t have to go to the park to read a book. I can’t sleep with the book over my face in the park, like I do at home or even the library as a matter of fact.)
  • I can catch up with a friend over a cup of coffee (Well, it’s not so simple. I have to call her up, make a plan, drive down, wait for her, buy a not-so-tasty-disappointing coffee, guilty eat a piece of rich cake, tip the not-so-efficient waiter, drive back home. Yes, I know it’s too complicated!!)
  • I can sit in the corner place in the mall and watch people walk with bags full of new stuff (Now that seems like an interesting idea!!)
  • I can play with the children next door. (Hmmm.. that’s tricky. I don’t want their mother to think that the little girl was crying because of me!)
  • I can open all the kitchen windows, play my favorite music and try a new dish. Bake a fluffy cake, maybe. The aroma would fill the house. (But I’ll stop myself at imagining that, because I am still not over that disastrous cake I baked two days ago. As a matter of fact, all my cakes have been disastrous.)

After contemplating all these choices, I am still undecided. I am not so happy with these options. None of it supports the mood I am in today. I want something more.

Or… wait a minute… I have one more option that I did not think about. I can remove my year old brand new track pants from the closet, dust it, wear my worn out yet faithful sneakers and go for a run!! Yay!! Now that sounds like a plan!

I used to be an athlete few years ago. So it shouldn’t be that difficult right. But the only tiny problem is that, I was an athlete when I was ten (now when I say it, it feels like stone age). These days I don’t like running and the truth is I don’t have the stamina to run. And that’s why I hate it.

Now you know the reason why my new track pant has been collecting dust. :-). When ever I want to try and run, I start imagining things. You know, real things! Things like

  • What if I trip and fall flat on my face? I would break my already crooked teeth and then I would lose the remotest possibility to fix it.
  • What if the bicycle guy hits me? No no, not the car. Remember, I am not running in the middle of the road.
  • What if I come face to face with a Boa Constrictor in the sidewalk, freeze on my feet and forget how to run? It will kill me for sure.
  • What if a hand crawls up from my stomach, through my chest, reaches out to my throat and chokes me to death? In reality that’s how I feel when I run. 😦

Well there are endless things I can imagine, to not run. But this time I am determined. I’ve signed up (and my husband) for a Marathon in June. I’ve decided to train my body & mind and run the entire distance in the marathon. I’ll train everyday, starting today, right now. It doesn’t matter how many Boa Constrictors I encounter. I am sure you are able to see the conviction in my words. I can see it myself.

I know few people who run everyday. They tell me it’s not that big a deal once I reach that threshold of choking and that I can do it easily everyday. I’ve decided to trust them and dive in headfirst. Who can guess? I can even win the marathon. 🙂

Now that I know what I want to do and how to do, I am very proud of myself and fully energetic. But you know, before I go for my day 1 run, I want to take a shower, have lunch, take a cozy afternoon nap, have a cup of coffee with an evening snack, make something interesting for dinner….. Oh God, I think I will rest today and run tomorrow!!


10 thoughts on “A well constructed plan!

  1. Hahaa rest today, run tomorrow 🙂 I know exactly what you mean. I literally said that to my husband 3 times today. I am resting on my awesome track record for the week – I ran 3 days this entire week (albeit slowly with zero stamina) .. I know what you mean but hopefully that marathon deadline will help with the motivation. That baking / cooking idea however, sounds awesome, in the meanwhile. 😉

  2. hahaha All those motivating talk and finally saying that you will rest today and run tromoro!! Running is good, it gives you a feel good factor every time. And it does help you increase the stamina(when you did it regularly). The heart will realize its capacity and start pumping blood like never before. Remember Marathon is all about stamina. There is plenty of oxygen in this planet, why not start using it, its free. Get your gear on madhu, you have a long way to go! Chop Chop (I know its easier said than done, im sure you can do it) 🙂

    Keep Running,

  3. and one day leads to the next and it is all such a bother, then feeling tired today perhaps tomorrow will be better…..and one day you wonder where did the time go, how did I become such a stay indoors do nothing. If nothing else WALK someplace you have never been, a trail, an alley, around the park two times. There is something new to discover always.

  4. Hilarious! One of ur best, maddy!

  5. Hey Madhu!

    Motivated by your blog on running , now I go running everyday morning for half an hour,big thanks to my husband of course and you :)Hopefully I ll be consistent!

    • Wow.. thats awesome Sudha… Keep running… you could be the reason for more people to run!

      And thanks for the comment. Makes me happy! 🙂

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