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The empty cup: Fill it with innocence!


I vividly remember my childhood days. Life then, for my sister, cousins, friends and me was fairly simple. We woke up every morning hating to go to school, but enjoying each and every moment there. We spent the evenings examining tiny insects & creatures, playing outside with friends till it got dark. I remember getting mad at my sister for the silliest reason, yet being proud when she got all protective over me. I got all the little pleasures that a child was supposed to get. Now as I reflect back, I am happy with the time I spent as a child, shedding my innocence only when the time was right. I grew up in a healthy environment. Thanks to my wonderful family!

Listening to one of Jason Mraz’s songs, ‘Love for a child’, I couldn’t help but think of the innocence lost in children in today’s world. The song goes like this.

There’s a picture on my kitchen wall

Looks like Jesus and His friends involved

There’s a party getting started in the yard

And there’s a couple getting steamy in the car, parked in the drive

Was I too young to see this with my eyes?

And by the pool that night, apparently

The chemicals weren’t mixed properly

You hit your head and then forgot your name

Then you woke up at the bottom by the drain

And now your altitude and memory’s a shame

When the house was left in shambles

Who was there to handle all the broken bits of glass

Was it mom who put my dad out on his ass or the other way around?

Well, I’m far too old to care about that now

It’s kinda nice to work the floor since the divorce

I’ve been enjoying both my Christmases and my birthday cakes

And taking drugs and making love at far too young an age

And they never checked to see my grades

What a fool I’d be to start complaining now

What about taking this empty cup and filling it up

With a little bit more of innocence, I haven’t had enough

It’s probably because when you’re young

It’s okay to be easily ignored I’d love to believe it was all about love for a child

It was all about love

The song couldn’t explain better the life of many children around the world.

It saddening to see incidents around the world, where children could have been children, but for the not-so-good environment thrust upon them. It could be the ghastly violent crimes that scar them for the rest of their lives or the unhealthy environment where they are raised or them being ignored or merely the impact of too much knowledge in the form of media. Whichever reason it is, children are definitely losing their childhood. The world today gives more reasons for parents to be closer to their children. The world today gives more reasons for parents to be over protective of their children and preserve their innocence. The world today gives more reasons for adults to help children be children.

It may not be possible to watch each and every move of the child, but its important to offer a safe environment and be confident of what’s in store for him or her. Parents have the responsibility of providing for their children, but they have a bigger responsibility of understanding their lives too, however small they are. Nothing is more effective than spending some quality time with them. From the moment they step out to the moment they come home, it is a roller coaster ride with a lot of unexpected turns. We can only make sure and hope that they are well secured in their seat belts.

While its important to prepare children for the tough life ahead and develop them as individuals, fittest for survival, it is also important to let them enjoy their childhood, that only they are entitled to. Maybe, just maybe, had this been the way, the world would not have witnessed an Adam Lanza or Dzhokhar Tsarnev or Manoj Shah or other monsters around the world!!

Lets make sure we fill all their empty cups with lots of innocence! Lets promise to do our part to make this a safe place for all the children around!


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12 thoughts on “The empty cup: Fill it with innocence!

  1. The bitter truth Mad 😦
    Btw this reminds me to be thankful!

  2. extremely touching! i love the way you are using this space for some very noble causes, Maddy…proud of u!

  3. Reblogged this on It's all kids stuff. and commented:
    In my opinion, I really like what you’re trying to say; but I don’t know if I really think it is fair. For example, when a child dies, it is a tragedy: but why is it any more of a tragedy than when someone of say… 30 dies? Why is it more shocking? Is it perhaps foolish to think that children deserve a world without bad things when others have to go through bad things daily? The world can be a bad place, but it can also be a great place. I think rather than sheltering them and “protecting their innocence” (what’s to say they really are?) ; we let them come to their own conclusions.

    • Thanks for sharing your views on my post. I believe view points such as these can only liven up the discussion. I am glad I came across your blog and other fine posts.

      While I agree that tragedy is the same even if it is a child or a 30 year old adult, I also feel that children naturally look up to adults for protection and a safe environment. They do not know how to protect themselves in case of physical or sexual abuse, which as a matter of fact has increased a lot. The relationship between adults and children is changing. In my opinion children these days are living a life somewhere in between being an adult and a child. With changing times, I too dont think its a great idea to make decisions for them, but its essential to teach them the right values that will help them make the right decisions.

      I couldnt agree more when you say that the world can be a great place. I too think that people around us are inherently good unless situations force them otherwise. So why not make those situations positive for our children!

  4. “Well secured in their seat belts”, like the way u said there madhu. I like it. It has always been a mean and nasty world but it just got a bit nastier with the help of bad media these days. Its not a rocket science to figure out. Even animals still know how to nurture their kids and teach them how to defend. Its just a shame that some Human beings fail to follow the basic instincts, which in turn affect the whole community in many ways!!!! And when the kid grows up, its not going to remember any of the innocence. How could they, when they haven’t experienced much of it.
    Anyway most of us hear these things in day to day life and honestly forget them in the next 10 minutes. But Good on ya madhu, You Didn’t 🙂 Keep up the good work mate!

  5. very true…on the other hand, parents are undergoing very tough times too to get the innocence back in their children in today’s world ..what came naturally to us as kids like innocence, respect to others has to be consciously taught to children now..sometimes one or both of the parents have to sacrifice all of their priorities to justify their parenthood and make attempts to upbring good human beings of tomorrow..But all worth doing!!

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