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Adoption: A day of new beginning!


It was a cold Saturday morning. Not the way a day in spring should be. The new shoots of burgundy leaves on the trees, ready to bloom, were still hesitating with the heavy chillness in the air. The birds were confused if they had made the right decision in recognizing the arrival of the spring. They say that the weather has been very weird and unpredictable this year. It is hard to ignore these extreme climate changes.

There must have been at least 30 people. All were excited and preparing for the day ahead. It was my first time and I was very excited. Leaving my husband to finish his task, my work partner and I quickened our pace to our destination. They were there lying down, wrapped up in brown burlap, already traumatized from last night’s journey to this place. I am pretty sure they knew what was about to happen. They were ready for the day ahead too, fully sentient. We readied ourselves for the task, praying that we do the best we could. Rain or shine, we were determined to finish what we intended to.

With shovels in our hands, we examined the spot, hoping that it was not as hard as it appeared. We started digging. Of course, it had rained continuously the past week, making the job simpler for us. We were not even halfway through, and oh boy, we hit the sprinkler line. Not a good sign. Hoping that the homeowner does not get mad at us, we made our way to the next spot.  We had indeed signed up for a grueling task.

Around 9 in the morning we had a larger group, not less than 250 people, join us. They got into smaller groups and gathered around us for an interactive demonstration. And we were hoping that it would not be very boring, secretly wishing that the rain gods would come to our rescue if it actually got boring. Right in the middle of the demonstration, it did rain hail. But contrary to what we expected, in spite of little white stones hitting them, the large group stood their ground. Impressed by their determination, we continued to do what we were doing. We covered the berm with mulch and poured lots of love and two buckets full of water around it. And there we were, standing proudly and protectively beside the tender Oak. We had just planted our First Tree for the season.

The groups got right into action. The volunteers were eager and very enthusiastic to plant the remaining trees in our zone. Well, there were many zones and about 200 trees to be planted that day. With all the focused teamwork, they finished the job in less than an hour. They had planted all the trees in the rightful spots and secured them well. Some homeowners came out to thank us and welcomed the trees to the new neighborhood. All the tree saplings were happily taken into their new homes. That was the icing on the cake and made us very happy for what we had done. The adoption was complete.

These trees are here to stay. Hopefully these new lives will survive all the seasons and hardships. Hopefully they wont be cut down. Hopefully they will live the next 150 years or more to see all the changes around them. Hopefully they will get a lot of tender love and care to grow into mighty trees. Hopefully they will fulfill their destiny in this world. With a lot of hope for new beginnings and the feeling of a day well spent we walked back to the welcome tent!



11 thoughts on “Adoption: A day of new beginning!

  1. This is so inspiring, Madhu..proud of u, for what u did, and for capturing it the way u did here! 🙂

  2. hmmm interesting! Its true, action does speak louder than words. Great job madhu! Really proud of ya. Your blog’s getting better and better 🙂
    p.s: I’ve never read a novel but I have to say, you have constructed it very well. Interesting to read 🙂

  3. Hi Madhu – nice work – both in the way u presented and in tree planting..keep writing.!!!

  4. Madu, adapted the adoption story well 😉 Really proud of you Madhu.. Make sure it s been maintained by owners 🙂 Keep going..

  5. Good narration mad!!!!!gud build up for the ultimate adoption !!!! Gr8 going

  6. i really felt like reading a story…. really proud of u .. way to go Dear 🙂

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