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My Choice: For myself and the next seven generations!


In the unbelievably large animal kingdom, humans have just a tiny share. One among the thousands of species of mammals. But by any stretch of imagination we are a very unusual, complicated and powerful kind in the animal kingdom.  We speak, think, create, solve, write and do much more that differentiates us as superior species. It is amazing the way we’ve have evolved to make things better for ourselves and those around us. We go beyond the impossible and sometimes think of ourselves as demigods.

But unfortunately we do not use that power responsibly. We’ve done far more damage than good to the earth than any other kind. We’ve used and used and overused and exploited all the resources that this planet has to offer, not only for us but for the other living beings as well. Considering the small percentage of humans on earth, we must not forget that it is we who co-exist with other species to create a balance in nature and not the other way.

To begin with, we are over- reliant on fossil fuels. Petroleum, not just a fuel, is used in almost everything that’s manufactured. Right from the toothpastes we use each morning to the clothes we wear to the gas-guzzlers we drive everyday, what we see and use is just a partial list of petroleum products. Fresh water has become scarce with the increasing population and pollution. Some time in future we will run out of both oil and fresh water. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The negative consequences to our actions are increasing at an alarming rate. Deforestation, changing climatic conditions, ecosystem imbalance, unsustainable use of raw materials, rising water levels, failing crops and the list goes on.

Every tribe, race, culture, religion and belief has the philosophy of ‘Seventh Generation’. However we do not give much importance to it now. What we do today has its impact on the next seven generations into future. Well, aren’t we all interwoven in creation? Sustainability, however old, is the solution that will salvage the planet from its perilous future.

In addition to all the superior qualities that we possess, we also have the power of choice. The intelligence to predict the consequences and the impact of the choices we make. We have a responsibility to make the right choice. A choice that does not become a problem tomorrow. A choice, not just for ourselves but also for the next seven generations. Change begins from home. So, I want to make environmentally sustainable choices that are healthy for me, my family, my children, grandchildren and their children.

Honestly I was not so passionate about environmental sustainability few years ago. But as I witness and breathe in the changes even in my immediate environment, I am scared. And to think that I have been party to all of it, I am ashamed. The earth does not belong to us. We appeared, evolved and will perish one day. But until then let’s make the journey pleasant for ourselves, less messy for the other species and harmonious for every life around us.

Keeping reading. Until the next post,



10 thoughts on “My Choice: For myself and the next seven generations!

  1. Great effort Madhu! Keep going.

    Very few of us pursue our passions. I am happy you are one. These are topics of my interest too . Keep writing !

  2. A journey of thousand miles begin with a single step. I hope this episode takes you a long long way. I am sure the future generation will recognize and appreciate your effort. Its nice to see someone caring about the environment in this modern era. You have always been kind to animals, so it doesn’t surprise me 🙂 Good on ya madhu. You’ve got my support. My best wishes!!!

  3. Good one Madu 🙂
    You Keep writing and I will keep reading..

  4. I know exactly what you mean Madhu! In fact taking it a step further – I’ve always thought that the concept of buying & selling property is quite ludicrous – as if the planet was ours to trade! We buy a piece of land with this little piece of paper & start protecting it from all its previous inhabitants, insects, rodents, snakes who have nowhere to go – no habitat left

    • I couldnt agree more with you Ami! Its definitely not good the way the cities are expanding beyonds its limits into the homes of the muted lives.

  5. Good one di!!

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