A Brand New Episode

Random thoughts! With some sense!

A brand new episode!


A brand new start!

I am excited!

I’ve written a little in the past. But that was for myself, when I wanted to make myself feel better and to express my emotions. I have tried to post few as blogs, but was never sure if I wanted to do it. Even now I am not sure what I want to write in this first post.

I was talking to my best friend today and she told me something with conviction. ‘Its just once that we get to live our life. One is solely responsible for one’s own happiness. And it doesn’t really matter what random people think of you’. Isn’t that so true?

I’ve known her for few years now. And I’ve known her to be a person who likes to live her life and not take random things and people to heart. But this time I think I saw some deep belief in what she said. That made me think ‘Ok, why not?’. Its good to be influenced by people in a nice way, especially when you know it serves you good.

I’ve travelled a bit in this wide world. I’ve lived in different cultures. I enjoy doing so many things in life and I come across many wonderful people everyday. Doesn’t that give me several topics to write about? It does. And I am more than happy to share these experiences with like-minded and ‘un’like-minded people who would like to visit my writing space.

Life opens a brand new episode everyday. The question is how many of us recognize it. With this blog, I’ve told myself that I will make an effort to acknowledge and record these exciting episodes, for me to realize that ‘I’ve got only one life to live and I am solely responsible for my own happiness’.

I am passionate about my HR profession, environmental sustainability, nature, animals and reading. My husband, who is a lot more passionate about these, influences me. So you will see many posts around these topics. And of-course few other random stuff. So keeping reading.

I will see you in the next post. Until then.




14 thoughts on “A brand new episode!

  1. 🙂 way to go, girl! you’ve definitely got one like-minded follower here!

  2. Hey awesome Mad!! am so excited about your effort. Waiting to explore the words of a differential thinker.

  3. add one more Madu 🙂

  4. am excited!! waiting for next episode from you!

  5. Lou!!!!!! am soooooooooooooo happy!!!! keep em coming!!

  6. Expecting some interesting episodes. Niice initiative!

  7. awesome Mads, Looking forward to more!

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