A Brand New Episode

Random thoughts! With some sense!



I went to bed on Sunday, thinking that I was going to wake up to another boring Monday morning to start the week. Little did I know that it was going to be a wonderful day.


I woke up to the sound of the alarm. The alarm is usually very patient with me. I always get few extra minutes of sleep after snoozing. I love that part of sleeping. The alarm goes off again. And the alarm wakes me up with a hot cup of tasty tea.  Yesterday, like every other day, the alarm clock sat beside me and was cajoling me to wake up. With the sunlight streaming in, it seemed like a wonderful morning to wake up to. Oh, did I mention that the patient alarm clock giving me such wonderful mornings is my husband?

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A well constructed plan!

(I just hope I am not saying this too early.) The weather is finally warming up. After many months of cold weather, it’s the much-anticipated change. My feet are itching to step out and do something interesting.

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Less Intelligent: Really? Says who?

Ofcourse. It’s an undeniable truth!

We can take pride in being THE most intelligent species that exist. Humans will rule the world for ages to come. We do several things that only humans can do. (No, I wont mention the decline in intelligence and common sense in humans these days! That’s a different debate.)

But that does not undermine the intelligence of animals. I’ve been completely blown away by many stories of animal intelligence. Sometimes, to a large extent, these facts definitely question human intelligence.

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The empty cup: Fill it with innocence!

I vividly remember my childhood days. Life then, for my sister, cousins, friends and me was fairly simple. We woke up every morning hating to go to school, but enjoying each and every moment there. We spent the evenings examining tiny insects & creatures, playing outside with friends till it got dark. I remember getting mad at my sister for the silliest reason, yet being proud when she got all protective over me. I got all the little pleasures that a child was supposed to get. Now as I reflect back, I am happy with the time I spent as a child, shedding my innocence only when the time was right. I grew up in a healthy environment. Thanks to my wonderful family!

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Adoption: A day of new beginning!

It was a cold Saturday morning. Not the way a day in spring should be. The new shoots of burgundy leaves on the trees, ready to bloom, were still hesitating with the heavy chillness in the air. The birds were confused if they had made the right decision in recognizing the arrival of the spring. They say that the weather has been very weird and unpredictable this year. It is hard to ignore these extreme climate changes.

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My Choice: For myself and the next seven generations!

In the unbelievably large animal kingdom, humans have just a tiny share. One among the thousands of species of mammals. But by any stretch of imagination we are a very unusual, complicated and powerful kind in the animal kingdom.  We speak, think, create, solve, write and do much more that differentiates us as superior species. It is amazing the way we’ve have evolved to make things better for ourselves and those around us. We go beyond the impossible and sometimes think of ourselves as demigods.

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A brand new episode!

A brand new start!

I am excited!

I’ve written a little in the past. But that was for myself, when I wanted to make myself feel better and to express my emotions. I have tried to post few as blogs, but was never sure if I wanted to do it. Even now I am not sure what I want to write in this first post.

I was talking to my best friend today and she told me something with conviction. ‘Its just once that we get to live our life. One is solely responsible for one’s own happiness. And it doesn’t really matter what random people think of you’. Isn’t that so true?

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